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How does Mediumship work?

After making contact with the Otherside, information will start coming to me through pictures, words, physical and emotional feelings, and a very strong sense of knowing. I am able to hear communication from those who have passed on, much the same way as a radio receives transmissions. I am able to see their communications in many types of pictures that look just like postcards, photographs or even cartoons. All the information coming into me is the result of what and how your loved ones choose to communicate, and subsequently for me to understand and pass along that information to you. I will discern the information coming in, and you will need to validate it by saying “yes” or “no.” You will not want to offer anything extra because that could make it confusing. Also, we want the souls to establish who they are, and they have reasons why they communicate what they do. Once I have discerned (with help through your validations) who is coming through, the souls will then begin to give their messages. If you wish, you can fill in the background story near the end. What the souls communicate is not as vague and confusing as some may claim. The sooner you accept to trust their flow and choice of communications, the better your session will be - and the more you will get out of it. Your loved ones know very well that you will be at the session. In fact, they have been anticipating it since it was made. They come knowledgeable of the issues that you have, because they already know what is in your heart. They try to do their best to answer those concerns, and are able to do so without ever having to ask a question. They know why you are hoping to hear from them, and they want very much to help you understand their world. With their extensive knowledge into your feelings and thoughts, they usually like to get right to dealing with your concerns. I am simply their instrument for them to be able to communicate to you.

What is a Master Channel?

A Master Channel is someone who has achieved a distinct level of communication with the higher realms. It is a level of ability that has been achieved through dedication and perseverance throughout time. Maureen was made aware of her master channel level ability by her Spirit Guides at the onset of her awakening to her spiritual gifts. As with any profession, talent, or gifted aptitude, people have varying degrees of expertise or specialization. Maureen's level of ability as a Master Channel allows her to receive incredibly detailed information and an unordinary connectivity to the otherside.

How long after my loss should I wait before making contact?

The souls are usually able to communicate immediately after crossing over, and are often very eager to reach out to offer comfort and clarity to loved ones here grieving. There are some circumstances (like suicide) where they may need a recovery period, but in general, there really is no time of adjustment needed for the souls to reach out. The issue for an appropriate time is not with the souls, but rather with the bereaved. The right time to make communication with a loved one passed on is after some time and perspective is gained on your end. There is no doubt that hearing from a lost loved one is very healing and helpful for both you and them, but it is an opportunity better experienced when you are in a less grief-stricken and emotionally stronger place within. I find it is best to get through the initial grieving period so you have reached a better place of acceptance and understanding for your loss. A session can dramatically help you by confirming that they are indeed well, at peace, and still live on in the Afterlife.

How do I prepare for a reading?

The more relaxed you are, the better. I always suggest remaining hopeful so that you will be given the opportunity to hear from who you would like, but not to expect it. As a Medium, I can deliver whatever the Otherside wants to communicate, but I cannot control who comes through. I have found, however, that the Otherside knows very well the needs of the people involved, and have an amazing way of organizing what is best for everyone. It is also helpful to remember to be very honest and on top of things regarding acknowledging their validations. It is often an overwhelming experience to be able to connect with a loved one on the Otherside, and sometimes “psychic amnesia” happens. If you make a mistake, just clear it up. This will help the flow and clarity of their information make better sense to you.

How do I contact Maureen Allan?

Thank you for your interest in contacting Maureen Allan. Please know that e-mails, letters and voicemail messages do not go directly to Maureen. As much as she would like to respond personally, she simply is unable to due to the time demands invested in servicing her clients. All inquiries are fielded by her staff, who will do their best to answer questions and provide guidance. Maureen's office does get a large volume of telephone calls and emails, so it could take a little longer before staff will have an opportunity to respond. Generally, you should receive a response within a week's time, and usually less. We appreciate your patience and understanding, should it take some time to get back to you. If you do not hear back from a staff member by more than a week, please call our office. There are times that the technology can and does fail and we want to prevent this loss of communication for you, should it happen. If you have not heard back from us within seven days, please bring it to our attention by emailing assistance@maureenallan.com

What else should I know about a reading?

To do your best to trust the information that comes through and why it comes in the way it does. Trust and understand that the information that comes in is being delivered and chosen completely by your loved one. Try not to be impatient or quick to negate it. They are working very hard trying to get me understand and translate a lot of information quickly. Keep in mind that they will communicate to me by using both “literal” and “symbolic” pictures, to get their information across to me. They will show me literal pictures of their life, or they will tap into my memory bank and use things from life to communicate with. For example, they sometimes show me a visual of my childhood dog, which would be a "symbolic” picture to communicate “dog.” Other times, they will show me a “literal” picture of their dog to communicate dog. Why they choose what they do to communicate their information is completely up to them. My job is to keep up with them.


You will want to try hard not to disregard their information as being wrong or strange, or saying, ”it couldn’t possibly be him, or I never knew her.” Keep an open mind and ponder the information before you answer too quickly. When someone says “no” immediately, they are not using their intuition to speak to them. I always trust that the information coming through is valid, has a higher purpose, and was a message intended for you or someone you know. I am the messenger, delivering and discerning the information being given to me, and you are the final interpreter, who knows how it all fits in. Oftentimes, the messages or information you received will also fit into place or suddenly make sense to you after your session.

What happens if nobody comes through for me?

Unless you have absolutely no relatives or friends that have passed on, I can assure you that someone will come through for you. Souls may also come through to you… to get you to pass on messages to a relative or friend that you both are connected to.

Can I ask questions, and what kinds of questions can I ask?

Yes. I find it best to wait towards the end of a session before asking questions. You will want to give your loved one every opportunity to communicate the information that is important to them. I have found that they have been waiting a long time to be able to communicate to us here in the physical world, and often have specific messages that they would like to get out. You can ask anything about past, present or future events, or about any concerns you may have about yourself or loved ones.

Why do so many names come through sometimes?

I have found that the souls on the Otherside are very excited when they get the chance the come through. Since their communication is dependent on the abilities and service of a Medium, many souls basically line up for the chance to come through when the door is open. I find there are usually several souls trying to come through in the beginning of a session. To them, this is their chance to finally be able to communicate and confirm their existence and offer some peace of mind and comfort to their loved ones here.

What if I never met the person you are speaking about?

There are many relatives, and friends of family that come up, who you may not know. Remember, this is a anticipated and wonderful opportunity for the souls on the Otherside. It’s OK if you don’t recognize the names - often they come up with information for someone close to you - and desire for you to become the messenger. Also they sometimes want you to know, that even though you may have never met your grandmother for instance, she can still be around you sending messages of love and laughter. Additionally, the names may not be familiar to you, but they probably will be to someone in your family. I am a firm believer in trusting what comes through, and the good it will provide to somebody connected to you.

What if someone I want to hear from doesn’t come through?

Sometimes they just are not in a position to be able to come through at the time we want. But, that also doesn’t mean that they won’t come through another day, so never give up. Before we accept that though, we can try to “tune in” to their energy by sending out a prayer of intention asking the person to come through. However, I always like to prepare and remind clients that, “You might not hear from whom you want to, but you will always hear from whom you need to.” Everything is perfectly coordinated from the Otherside and in divine order of who will communicate during a session. They know very well why you are attending a session and whom you have the greatest desire to hear from. The souls also have the need to communicate to you as well, and those souls with the greatest need will usually communicate the most during the session. There is always a rhyme and reason to what happens, and usually by the end of the reading, it all becomes clear for you and others that you are connected to.

Could my loved one passed on blurt out information that I do not want revealed?

I have never had any messages delivered that caused any discomfort for anyone involved. Trust that because your loved one is the Light, and they are operating from a place of high consciousness and integrity. I can assure you that your loved ones' only interest during the session is to bring you peace and to help restore your hope through their messages.

Do I have anything to be afraid of, or will the souls tell me something that will upset me?

There is never any reason to be afraid or nervous before or during a session. I have found that souls do an incredible job of saying only things that will bring you feelings of peace and joy. They know what is in your heart and communicate just the right things to help you regain hope. Remember, this is a tremendous opportunity for the souls as well. They have often waited a long time for the chance to offer you words of comfort and the assurance that their love for you still lives on. They have no other interest in coming through other than to deliver healing messages that will help lessen your grief and help you understand that they, in fact, do live on in the Afterlife.

Can I record my session?

Yes. You are welcome to bring in an audio recording device. I do use audio cassette tapes to record both in-person phone sessions for you to review and keep. It is a wonderful documentation of a rare conversation that can now be remembered. I also write down specific messages from those who come through for you to take with you. I find that most of time, people are overwhelmed with joy and amazement when they hear their loved one come through. That makes it hard to think, respond, and remember all at the same time. Recording the session will also be helpful to you with the information that didn’t make sense in the beginning of a reading, but will fall into place by the end or after you have time to absorb the session. Also, there may be a message for someone else in it, and now you get to help pass it along. Additionally, information that didn’t make any sense earlier, may in the near future. They often like to give some information that hasn’t happened yet, but will in your near future. This gesture is a way of them letting you know that they are still very much a part of your life. Recorded sessions are also very helpful during the times when there is tremendous grief. You will be happy to recall and hear the comforting words and messages of hope which your loved ones carefully chose to help you through your difficult time.

Intuitive Guidance: How does a Personal Reading work?

Personal readings offer tremendous help by giving you clarification and guidance with situations in your life that you find frustrating or unclear. In a session, we will hear messages from your Divine Guidance of Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones passed on. They know what is in your best interest, and will offer advice or clarity to help keep you on your path. It is when we are on our path, accomplishing what we came here to learn, that our life is happier and easier to live. In a Personal Session, I will hear, see, and feel the information that your divine guidance is communicating through me to pass along to you.

How can I prepare for a session?

I always suggest having four to six questions written out before we begin. You will want to give thought to the issues that you would like guidance on and ask those questions in a clear and specific way. The answers that you receive are dependent on your questions. I can also help you to tighten up your questions, so that you receive more specific answers.

What if I do not get the specific answer that I am looking for?

I have found that we never know how Divine Guidance will answer our questions, but I do know how greatly beneficial their guidance is. There are concerns that Divine Guidance is allowed to give direct answers to, and there are issues that they do not have permission to answer specifically for us… like we would want. There is many times where specific answers are given, and then there are times where very wise and insightful messages are delivered to help guide the person in making the final decision in their situation. Why? Because it is through making our own decisions on our path that we learn and grow spiritually. A personal session is also very helpful for checking in with where you are on your path. A lot of clarity can be gained from a session about matters in your life that may have been tugging at you or holding you back from listening to your own intuition.

Should I be concerned that you can read my mind or have knowledge of my personal business?

I can assure you that I cannot read your mind, and I do not know any of your business, past or present. My job is very simple...to be a clear channel for the Otherside to communicate their messages through. I consider it a great privilege to work as a messenger in bridging the two worlds; the Afterlife and the physical world. I have great respect for the divine process, and honor my abilities and all persons involved with complete privacy and integrity.

Will anyone else have access to the information in a reading?

Please take peace of mind in knowing that all readings are honored in a non-judgmental manner with complete respect to privacy. All sessions are treated with strict confidentiality. I can assure you that I will never give your information out to anyone else, under any circumstances.

How do psychic abilities work?

Psychics and mediums get their information delivered to them through several sensory channels. These are called the “Clair’s.” The clairs act like energetic pathways of communication, which allow the person to receive information from the higher realms. Maureen uses thesese channels when doing psychic and mediumisitic work.

Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing. This is the channel were pictures and visions are seen through the psychic's mind's eye. Information gets delivered in the form of pictures, like photographs, or postcards, and even movies. Clairvoyance also allows the psychic to see places, people, words, objects and symbols.

Clairaudience – Clear Hearing. This is the ability to hear information from things that are not actually near you, but, rather, are transmitted from the otherside. Information is communicated from souls and spirit beings in the form of: voices, tones, bells, music, song and other types of sound. Information is mostly heard inside the psychic's head, but it can also be heard outside their ears.

Clairsentience – Clear Sense. This is where the person feels or senses things, both emotionally and physically. Information is put upon a psychic through emotional feelings, ranging anywhere from happiness and joy to sadness and anxiety. Physical feelings, like the pain felt associated with a head trauma, heart attack or lung issue, are also experienced by the receiver to convey information.

Claircognizant – Clear Knowing. This channel is a lot like being down-loaded like a computer. Information is, literally, put through the person, quickly giving them in-depth, detailed and clear knowledge about something.

Clairsentient: Otherwise known as “clear sensation,” or “clear feelings.” Clairsentient is the ability to “feel” things around you, which you cannot see or hear.


This ability allows you to:


· Feel when another entity is in the room.

· Feel the change in the atmosphere

· Feel the energy off objects and all living things

· Gain intuition through emotions

· Feel what other living things can feel

· Sense when you are being touched by Angels, Demons, Ghost, Spirits, and so on.

· Can feel when something is wrong with friends and family



Channeling: Channeling is the ability to allow your body to become a vessel for energy, beings, and spirits.


This ability allows you to:


· Self-heal

· Heal others

· Bring psychic information back from other realms

· Connect with other planets

· Have the ability to bring other energy into this world.

· Bring other entities into this realm


Clairscent: Otherwise known as “Clear Smelling.” Clairscent is the ability to be able to smell things without your physical nose.


This ability allows you to:


· Smell things you cannot see

· Smell scents of the deceased

· Smell spirits or entities

· Smell people before you see them

· Smell illness


Clairempathy: Otherwise known as “Clear emotion.” Clairempathy is the ability to clearly read and feel other people’s emotions, without that person telling you how or what they are feeling emotional.


This ability allows you to:


· Feel the pain, sorrow, emotions of another person. Even when the person tries to deny or hides their feelings.

· Feel the energy of auras

· Know what others are thinking

· Be an effective listener, and tend to gravitate towards professions in which you can use this ability to help others - social work, counseling, energy work such as Reiki, and the ministry, for example.

· Make people feel so comfortable around you

· Understand why people act and feel the way they do

Psychometry: Psychometry is the ability to see, feel, hear, and know things about something or someone, by touching them.


This ability allows you to:


· Find facts or information by touch living things or objects

· Learn history of items by touching them

· Learn information about past lives by touching a person

· Feel the experience of the things they touch

· Feel the emotions of people they touch


Clairgustance: Otherwise known as “clear taste.” It is the ability to taste things through your psychic senses.


This ability allows you to:


· Taste things that are not physically in front of them

· Taste things that are not in this realm

· Taste foods the deceased ate

Who are my Angels and Spirit Guides?

All of us have a family of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides surrounding us. From the moment we are born, our Angels and Guides have been helping us on our path, teaching us the beauty of life and offering us love, advice, healing, and support.

Guardian Angels are direct expressions of the loving thoughts of God sent to us to watch over us and help us. They speak to our hearts in feelings or senses, and are with us in every thought, word and event we experience in life. They are pure love and bring to us only what will help us, guide us, protect us and encourage us to aspire to the very best qualities of our soul. Guardian Angels are protective spirits that will guard us from physical and emotional harm as well as channel healing light to us when we are ill or suffering in any way.

Spirit Guides work to assist us and help keep us on the highest path for the greater good. We often will have more than one guide in our life, for different purposes. Our Guides are working with us almost constantly, even if we are not aware of it. They help guide, teach and enlighten us in our spiritual growth. They take care of us by providing wisdom and insight to help us make good life choices. Spirit Guides will gently nudge us, but never make the decision for us. They are with us to shed light upon our situations, not live our lives for us. When we are blessed, so are they. Spirit Guides were at one time people like you and me, who had actually existed on earth. Earth is the learning place, and it is where you learn all of your earth lessons for your soul. One day, you will become a Spirit Guide for someone. So rest assured that life after death does happen, as we will all discover one day in the future.


Booking a Session or Service

Scheduling with Maureen Allan:

Sessions with Maureen are only scheduled through email. Please email your request to: assistant@maureenallan.com and include what kind of service you would like. We will then send you Maureen’s availability. All sessions take place on Pacific Standard Time (PST), please adjust your time zone to coordinate with PST.  

Cancelation Policy:

If you should need to cancel your appointment, we will refund your payment in full if cancellation is done 48 hours before your scheduled session. If you should cancel within less than 48 hours, we will refund 50% of your fee. Sorry, but we do not issue any refund or credit for missed sessions. Any questions, please contact assistant@maureenallan.com   

To Learn More About Having A Session with a Messenger:

To find out more about how readings are conducted with a spiritual messenger, please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Being more prepared for your reading, can benefit you by helping you be in a better, more receptive, position; so that you are more likely to earn, from Heaven, a higher quality reading with more detailed guidance in your messages. 


When using Maureen Allan Inc. services, you are accepting full responsibility for every choice you make, following your session. As a Spiritual Messenger, the views and opinions expressed during a session are not that of Maureen’s; therefore, Maureen will not be held accountable, should you decide to manipulate her business with a fraudulent lawsuit. In no way will Maureen Allan, Inc. be held responsible legally for any financial hardships that you claim. Such claims are viewed as an opportunistic attempt to de-fraud Maureen Allan Inc., by making false claims for the chance to profit. You understand that by hiring Maureen Allan for service, that to make a legal claim against her is a dis-honest attempt to de-fraud and scam her and the legal system. Maureen will not be held liable for any damages resulting from any acts or decisions that you may make as a result, including without limitation, actual, incidental and/or consequential damages resulting from any claims resulting from any act or omission, negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation or otherwise, including without limitation, personal injury, death, loss of income, stress (emotional or otherwise), errors or omissions, or otherwise.