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Spiritual Teacher ~ Master Channeler ~ Medium

There is a tremendous amount of help and healing that a session with a spiritual messenger can provide. Maureen’s spiritual gifts and strong connectivity to Heaven allow her to receive helpful and healing messages from the Spirit Guides, Angels and your loved ones. Maureen’s soul has attained a high level of psychic abilities, as well as wisdom. She is a Master level Channeler, who has earned the privileged position of being a direct channel for an Ascender Master. Maureen works directly under the Goddess of Mercy & Compassion Kuan Yin as one of her personal channels here.

Maureen’s exceptional abilities to see and hear the deities, Angels and souls in Heaven can help you in many invaluable ways; from giving you much needed advice that can help you make better choices in your life to delivering messages of love and hope from your friends and family in the Afterlife.

Additionally, Maureen is also able to help you heal from pain and raise your vibration with Hands on Healing sessions. Her spiritual gifts also allow her to rid your home of negative entities, helping you take you home back and giving you a peaceful environment again. Working like an investigator, Maureen’s exceptional psychic abilities can also solve crimes and bring justice to those that have been harmed. 

To book a session, email Maureen only schedules readings via email.


EVENT: An Evening of Spirit Communication

Connecting with loved ones on the Otherside

Maureen will bridge the gap between our world and Heaven’s by channeling messages of love and closure from family and friends in Heaven.  Gallery readings allow participants the opportunity to share in the experience together, giving everyone the chance to hear channeled messages as a group and to possibly be read and receive direct messages from your loved ones in this environment of shared companionship.

Thursday, February, 8, 2018 @Mystic Reiki Laguna Beach
Thursday, March 8th, 2018 @Mystic Reiki Laguna Beach
Thursday, April 12th, 2018 @Mystic Reiki Laguna Beach
TIMES:  6:30PM-8:30PM
For reservations, please contact Kerry Walker at #1-949-280-9202
or email
Mystic Reiki Healing Center
352 Third Street, Suite #306 Laguna Beach, Ca. 92651


Beginning and Advanced Classroom Learning

Gives participants the chance to continue working on opening up their psychic abilities after Maureen's Beginning Psychic Development course. Advance. Class consists of practice readings and lecture. In order to join, you must complete Maureen’s Beginning Psychic Development Class; which teaches the basics of opening up and using your psychic channels.

MONTHLY CLASSES: First and third Wednesday's Every Month Online
LOCATION: Online via video conference
COURSE FEES: $35 per class.



Everything we experience is something that we have earned ourselves; from either this lifetime or a past lifetime – whether it is positive (a karmic blessing) or negative (a karmic consequence). My Guides & Angels call this the “Universal Law of Karma”; which serves to keep us in a state of having to balance out every choice we make … until we are so sick of the pain that making bad choices cause us - that we finally learn and accept that choosing positive behaviors is the only way to get to feel happiness. 

Karma. It Is Real. It will cause you to experience pleasure or pain. Are you keeping yourself aware of the karma that you are creating for yourself? If not, I hope my taking the time to share this truly valuable insight – will help bring it back into your awareness.

In case your forgot about yours: Remember your karma….

Maureen Allan, Spiritual Teacher & Master Channeler


Maureen’s beautifully guided meditations have been created to help you achieve what you desire on a large range of spiritual topics, ranging from chakra clearing and opening up your third eye to releasing negative energies. Working in a direct merge with Heaven’s spiritual guides and angels, Maureen channels the wisdom of our Heavenly teachers and helpers to assist you on your path of enlightenment. Digital Meditations are best downloaded to a computer first, then later uploaded to a mobile device.   

Psychic Shield and Protection 25:38 Minutes

Psychic Shield and Protection

Protect yourself from the negative people and experiences that drag you down and deplete your energies. Shielding yourself from the toxic energies affecting you will restore and enhance your well-being and vibrancy. 
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95 

Balance & Recharge
21:32 Minutes

Creating Harmony Within

Peace and contentment can be attained when knowing how to shift away from the difficult circumstances that cause you unhappiness. Staying grounded and centered will help you weather your trying situations and keep you in a peaceful state. 
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95

Cutting the Cords
25:07 Minutes

Releasing the Ties That Bind

Separating yourself from a person or habit that is no longer good for you can be difficult; but also necessary. This mediation will help you dis-connect from an undesireable relationship or situation, so that you can open yourself up to receive a much more enjoyable one. 
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95

23:35 Minutes

Making Your Dreams Come True

Believe and it shall be. Learn how to create the experiences that you want to have. This meditative technique will teach you how to use your power to make your wishes come to life.
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95

Clear & Release
26:06 Minutes

Purifying Your Energies

Cleansing yourself of the negative and damaging energies that surround you will set you free to feel happy and healthy again.
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95

Third Eye Opening
27:21 Minutes

Increasing Your Clairavoyance

This meditative exercise will help you expand and develop the vision and clarity of your spiritual insight; helping you to see your messages more clearly.
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95.


If you are interested in purchasing a physical CD or flash drive of Maureen's Meditations above instead of digital copies, please contact   $15.95 + Shipping
(or you can purchase directly at any of Maureen's group events.)


Cancellation Policy: 

If you should need to cancel your appointment, we will refund your payment in full if cancellation is done 48 hours before your scheduled session. If you should cancel within less than 48 hours, we will refund 50% of your fee. Sorry, but we do not issue any refund or credit for missed sessions.  Any questions, please contact