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Maureen Allan
Spiritual Teacher ~ Master Channeler ~ Medium

As a Medium and Spiritual Teacher, Maureen Allan is able to provide assistance in many ways. Her abilities allow her to help bring closure and healing to situations that require the insight and communicative abilities that a medium has. Whether it be delivering healing and loving messages from those passed on or clarity and guidance about one's path in life, her intuitive gifts help bring about a greater sense of knowledge and peace to one's experiences.

Sessions with Maureen Allan are scheduled through email

An Evening of Spirit Communication
UPCOMING DATES: July 13 & August 10 

DATES:  First and Third Wednesday's of Every Month

A Night of Spirit Communication

Group Event

Join medium Maureen Allan for an evening of connecting with loved ones on the Otherside. Maureen will bridge the gap between our world and Heaven’s by channeling messages of love and closure from your family and friends in Heaven.

This night is shared together as a group. Group readings allow participants the opportunity to share in the experience together, giving everyone the chance to hear the messages as a group. This can be a great opportunity to possibly be read and receive direct messages from your loved ones in an environment of shared companionship. 


An Evening of Spirit Communication
UPCOMING DATES: July 13 & August 10
Mystic Reiki Healing Center
352 Third Street, Suite #306
Laguna Beach, Ca. 92651
*Parking is available off of Third Street (metered) or in the building’s parking lot where there are a few spots
$50 Per Ticket
For reservations, please contact Kerry Walker at #1-949-280-9202 or email 

Beginning Psychic Development


 Maureen's classes help you open up and give you the tools to support you on your spiritual path. Maureen’s classes cover many topics such as how to use your psychic abilities, meditating, chakra clearing, Spirit Guides and more.

Maureen’s Beginning Psychic Development Course will teach you the basics of opening up and how to work with your abilities. You don’t need to be a psychic to take this course. She will also teach on many topics that will assist you in your spiritual development from mediations and chakra clearing to spirit guides.
More details: 

Advanced Psychic Development


Advanced Psychic Group gives participants the chance to continue working on opening up their psychic abilities. Class consists of practice readings and lecture. In order to join, you must complete Maureen’s Beginning Psychic Development Class; which teaches the basics of opening up and using your psychic channels.

First and third Wednesday's
Every Month Online
6PM-7:30PM (PST)
Online via video conference
$35 per class.
Pre-register for events: 

Maureen’s beautifully guided meditations have been created to help you achieve what you desire on a large range of spiritual topics, ranging from chakra clearing and opening up your third eye to releasing negative energies. Working in a direct merge with Heaven’s spiritual guides and angels, Maureen channels the wisdom of our Heavenly teachers and helpers to assist you on your path of enlightenment.
Digital Meditations are best downloaded to a computer first, then later uploaded to a mobile device.  

Psychic Shield and Protection

Psychic Shield and Protection $12.95

Protect yourself from the negative people and experiences that drag you down and deplete your energies. Shielding yourself from the toxic energies affecting you will restore and enhance your well-being and vibrancy. 
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95 

Balance & Recharge

Creating Harmony Within

Peace and contentment can be attained when knowing how to shift away from the difficult circumstances that cause you unhappiness. Staying grounded and centered will help you weather your trying situations and keep you in a peaceful state. 
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95

Cutting the Cords

Releasing the Ties That Bind

Separating yourself from a person or habit that is no longer good for you can be difficult; but also necessary. This mediation will help you dis-connect from an undesireable relationship or situation, so that you can open yourself up to receive a much more
enjoyable one. 
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95


Making Your Dreams Come True

Believe and it shall be. Learn how to create the experiences that you want to have. This meditative technique will teach you how to use your power to make your wishes come to life.
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95

Clear & Release

Purifying Your Energies

Cleansing yourself of the negative and damaging energies that surround you will set you free to feel happy and healthy again.
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95

Third Eye Opening

Increasing Your Clairavoyance

This meditative exercise will help you expand and develop the vision and clarity of your spiritual insight; helping you to see your messages more clearly.
DIGITAL: Downloadable MP3: $12.95.


If you are interested in purchasing a physical CD or flash drive of Maureen's Meditations above instead of digital copies, please contact   $15.95 + Shipping
(or you can purchase directly at any of Maureen's group events.)